The Madrid Momentum

At the 2014 World Public Relations Forum in Madrid, where more than 800 public relations and communication professionals gathered to consider the theme of Communication with Conscience, the Global Alliance started a discussion with delegates on leadership exploring ways in which public relations and communication professionals can take on a leadership role, not just to build communicative organizations, but also to contribute to their societies.


From this dialogue in Madrid the following key universal principles were identified:


  1. Public relations and communication management must aspire to a social purpose, serve social cohesion, and aim to bring communities together.
  2. Public relations and communication management can enable social integration by listening, identifying agendas, and creating shared narratives and safe places for dialogue around the social challenges of each society.
  3. Public relations and communication professionals must take responsibility for identifying how they can serve their own societies.
  4. By realizing the power of communication, each public relations and communication professional can be a leader. True leadership achieves personal, organizational and societal transformation.
  5. By reflecting on transformational leadership moments, our profession can learn to serve our organizations better, and by doing that, serve society better.


Building on the Madrid Momentum

As a legacy from Madrid, the Global Alliance pledges to continue this discussion with public relations professionals around the world and build on the Madrid Momentum by capturing their leadership experiences to investigate the ways in which public relations leadership is shown in different parts of the world.


Public relations leaders, junior persons as well as senior practitioners, are invited to share their experiences and views by sending a 30-second video clip (in mp4 format, max 20MB) to with answers to either - or both - these two questions:

  1. What was your transformational moment, when you realised you were a leader?
  2. What can public relations contribute to your society?


Senior leaders are also invited to provide 5 minute videos, sending them to, answering these 4 questions:

  1. Tell us about the transformative moments you had on your leadership journey (these are the moments when they recognized themselves that they were leaders, and the moments when their organizations recognized them as leaders i.e. moments of self-recognition and of external acknowledgement).
  2. What does it mean to be a leader in our profession?
  3. As a leader, what is your greatest challenge?
  4. As a leader what is your greatest contribution to your society?


Video clips should be recorded in English or in your mother tongue. Should the video not be recorded in English, please provide a written transcription of what is said. Videos may be recorded on smartphones - high-quality videos are not required.


We also accept audio clips, provided that they are sent together with a photograph and title of the person to We will then match the audio and the image and create a video to be uploaded on YouTube. - Videos will be reviewed before going on YouTube. If something doesn’t work, we will get back to you.


These videos will be categorised into themes, geographies, challenges and cultures to produce a living legacy about leadership from which the public relations profession can draw inspiration in the next years and which will provide a rich source of ideas for the WPRF2016 in Canada.