The Melbourne Mandate

A new conversation on changing organizations – and changing communication

At the World Public Relations Forum 2012 in Melbourne almost 800 delegates from 29 countries endorsed the Melbourne Mandate, a call to action of new areas of value for public relations and communication management in three spheres:

  • the character of the organization and its values
  • the ability of the organization to listen – and its culture
  • the responsibility of practitioners to society, the organization, their profession and themselves.


The process was led by Dan Tisch and Jean Valin.
For more information and to read and download the Melbourne Mandate document, visit the Melbourne Mandate blog.

Melbourne Mandate


The Melbourne Mandate Toolkit

The Global Alliance has recently developed a toolkit to help professionals find a practical application of the Melbourne Mandate in their daily work. The toolkit includes:


  • The Melbourne Mandate Integrity Index, a tool developed to measure the perceptions of organizations' values in the minds of its internal and external stakeholders
  • A series of case studies on ethical and responsible communication
  • Examples of multinational companies that have adopted a number of characteristics of the Melbourne Mandate in their organizational life.



The Professional Development Wheel

The Global Alliance has also developed the Professional Development Wheel, a framework based on the Mandate pillars of character, listening and responsibility which serves as a guide to professional development and as a support to the implementation of the Melbourne Mandate.